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Teach you step by step how to choose a children’s raincoat


When parents are choosing raincoats for their children, are they still confused about how to choose?What kind of raincoat should your child be willing to wear and like to wear❓
Mu Meng has recently received feedback from many parents and friends. When choosing raincoats, some parents often have difficulties in choosing price, style, fabric and size. They don’t know how to choose! The result may be that you buy and return again😨Return and buy again, which is time-consuming and laborious
Taking this opportunity, I would like to briefly share my experience with you today, hoping to help parents choose a good raincoat for their children.

Tips for blind selection without getting into trouble👇👇👇

(1) ✅Look at the fabric
Soft and tensile, not prone to creases, but prone to yellowing and more expensive
Cheap and easy to produce, but easy to break, feels bad and has a pungent smell
Soft and skin-friendly, smooth surface and good hand feel, no pungent odor, high cost performance
Different gram weight and content👀 quality may vary
Waterproof, breathable and not easy to break, the surface is smooth and feels skin-friendly, cost-effective🉑
Oxford cloth⭐⭐⭐⭐
Good waterproof performance, comfortable, breathable and skin-friendly, the price is slightly higher but the quality is good

(2)✅Choose a styleThree styles: one-piece, split and poncho
You can make targeted selections according to different usage scenarios. Mu Meng Kouduo’s dual-purpose cycling raincoat is waiting for you to choose.

(3) ✅Check the details
Refer to the national mandatory standard GB 31701-2015
Safety Technical Specifications for Textile Products for Infants and Children
Clothing for infants and children under 7 years old should not have any strings‼ ️
Therefore, it is preferable to choose raincoats with windproof buckles
And whether 🈶schoolbag position ✨reflective strips ✨transparent large brim✨
Details such as elastic cuffs✨ are worthy of attention
☃️In winter, you can choose a slightly larger size of raincoat

(4) ✅Smell the smell
Refer to GB 18401-2010 National Basic Safety Technical Specifications for Textile Products
Children’s raincoats should be odor-free💥
Use raincoats with obvious odor on children with caution
Easily affect physical health

(5) ✅Recognize the brand
Look for professional brands with deep experience and strong strength
Fabrics, craftsmanship, services, etc. are more guaranteed
It’s not easy to get caught in a blind selection🆙

What other considerations do you have when choosing a children’s raincoat❓
You can share and discuss it with everyone.