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Common raincoat fabrics, how to choose a good raincoat


Common raincoat fabrics, how to choose a good raincoat, a raincoat is a rainproof garment made of waterproof fabric. Waterproof fabrics suitable for raincoats include tape, oilcloth and plastic film. There are many kinds of raincoat fabrics, there are mainly four kinds of fabrics. Different fabrics have different advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the common fabrics of raincoats and their characteristics?

  1. Waterproof and breathable cloth

Waterproof and breathable fabric is a new type of textile fabric processed from polymer waterproof and breathable materials. By compounding fabrics with different components, it not only facilitates the adjustment of the thickness and strength of the fabric, but also combines the respective advantages of different fabrics and is widely used in daily life. Very extensive.

  1. Oxford cloth

The production process of Oxford cloth is relatively simple, but it has a rich variety of categories, the most common of which are set check, full stretch, nylon, Tige, etc. High-quality Oxford cloth has many advantages such as comfort, breathability, soft touch, easy care, and quick dehydration.

  1. Cotton fiber

Polyester, also called nylon, is a very common fiber fabric in life and production. The advantages of polyester fabric are mainly in terms of good wear resistance, high strength, moderate elasticity, and good hygroscopicity.

  1. PolyesterPolyester is the Chinese trade name for polyester fiber, which is definitely one of the most well-known synthetic fibers in life. High-quality polyester fiber is often used in textile fabrics to make various clothing and industrial products. Moreover, polyester production raw materials are easy to obtain, the process is simple, and the cost is very low. The product selling price is naturally relatively low, which is an important factor in its rapid occupation of the market.

There are more and more fabrics and styles of modern raincoats. For example, water-splashed cloth and sea glue (PVC) raincoats are also popular in the market. However, no matter how they are modified, there is one property of raincoats that never changes, that is, raindrops fall on them. It will quickly form a small drop of water and flow away, which is why the raincoat is waterproof.

What fabric is the best for a raincoat? Regardless of the material of the raincoat, you should pay attention to the following issues when purchasing it:

  1. Workmanship: The workmanship of a raincoat is very important. If the stitches of the raincoat are too large, the stitch height is inconsistent, the sealing is not up to standard, and anti-leakage treatment is not used, then water will easily leak out when it rains.
  2. Style: Raincoat styles generally include long one-piece raincoats, split raincoats and cape-style raincoats (ponchos). The one-piece (long style) is easy to put on and take off, but has poor waterproofness. The split type is more waterproof and the poncho is suitable for cycling. (Electric bicycles, bicycles, etc.).
  3. Breathability: Comfort and breathability should be fully considered when purchasing a raincoat. If the raincoat is only for rain protection but is not breathable, then when the seal covers the human body, the hot air in the body cannot be discharged, and the outside is cool and the inside is hot, forming water accumulation and soaking the lining inside the raincoat.4. Size: The sizes of raincoats are all different, so it is recommended that consumers check the size chart when purchasing raincoats. It is best to try them on and try to buy larger ones, so that even if you wear more clothes in winter, Available.
  4. Coating: The basic principle of waterproofing raincoats is fabric + coating. Common coating types include PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PU, ​​EVA, etc. Raincoats are prone to direct contact with the skin. To avoid skin irritation, EVA-coated raincoats are recommended.
  5. Color: Nowadays, raincoats come in many colors, and the styles are varied, including British style, retro polka dot style, solid color, color, etc. When purchasing a raincoat, you can consider clothing matching and personal preferences.